This page allows you to register yourself as stakeholder. You can be considered a stakeholder if:

  • you are involved in the production, distribution or import of energy-using or energy-related products;
  • if you represent consumer organisations or environmental organisations (NGO's) active in the field of products within the scope of the Ecodesign Directive;
  • if you represent a Member State or a national surveillance authority involved in the regulation of products covered by the Ecodesign Directive;
  • if you are an organisation or individual expert involved in studies relating to the Ecodesign Directive and related areas;
  • if, as another kind of stakeholder, you have any interest in products within the scope of the Ecodesign Directive.

By registering and allowing yourself to be identified as stakeholder you will be better informed on the progress of the evaluation and the discussions relating to it.

You will receive notifications by email regarding website updates, meetings and the availability of documents for download and comment.

You will also be invited to contribute to the on-line survey of stakeholders.

The feedback-channel allows your opinions to be heard and comments to be made on reports.

Furthermore, you can check and provide additional data to the evaluation, helping to build the evidence base for monitoring and evaluation.

Being involved allows you to contribute to the assessment of the current Ecodesign Directive  and to participate in debates about its possible extension.

Please note that by registration you agree that your company / organisation name will be included in the list of stakeholders as presented on this website. However, registration does not provide any guarantee of your participation in forthcoming stakeholder meetings

To register, please fill out the form below. Fields marked with an * are mandatory for registration