Project planning

The evaluation formally began in late December 2010, with an initial kick-off meeting in early January and run for 15 months. The table below gives an indicative timeline for the major milestones.

Please note that this timeline is subject to change and may be updated during the course of the evaluation. Those who have registered through this website will be informed of website updates, meetings and the availability of (draft) reports and documents.


Date (indicative)                  Description Task/Result
Dec 2010                                        Project start

Feb 2011                                        Inception Report

April 2011                                       First Progress Report

May 2011                                       1st stakeholder meeting 

Aug 2011                                        First Findings Report

Oct 2011                                         2nd stakeholder meeting

Mid December 2011                         Draft final report

January 2012                                   3rd stakeholder meeting

April 2012                                        Final report